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Cold Moon Sound Bath with Ascension Healing

The full moon ceremony will begin by setting the intention to release with the inclusion of the feeling of gratitude. What you release is up to you. The full moon can be a powerful time to let go of the old and connecting deeply with ourselves with a feeling of gratitude and an intention can be a powerful way to shift our inner worlds to impact the outer reality.

Sound Healing works by leading us into a relaxed and deep inner awareness akin to a deep state of meditation. The vibrations from the instruments sooth the body and encourage the release of tension and ease physical pain and discomfort. Our energy centers become stimulated and begin to release emotional content from past experiences and traumas from the body. 

At a Sacred Sounds event, through the use of Sound, we enter into our inner worlds in a group setting. This can have tremendous benefits for us on many levels, from stress relief to emotional release and spiritual experiences.

The layout of a Gong Bath group session is an introduction to sound and explaining how it works, some tips on how to make the experience as deep for you as it can be, and some quiet reflection time at the end of the session. During the session, you can sit, however it is recommended to lay down so bring a yoga mat/blanket and maybe a small pillow if you need one. Most importantly of all, Enjoy the experience!

December 3rd 2017
Bend City Yoga
22 Church Street Suite C380
2pm to 330pm
Tickets are $30


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Later Event: December 9
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