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Intro to EFT Tapping

Intro to EFT Tapping
What do anxiety, poor sleep, financial woes, relationship drama, and chronic illness have in common? They’re all issues EFT tapping can help with! EFT tapping gives us the opportunity to tune into emotions and energy blockages that can otherwise remain trapped within the body, and to gently release them to allow true healing - and massive shifts - to take place. This workshop will give you the skills to get started doing basic EFT tapping on your own.

What is EFT Tapping?
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping is an amazing self-help stress release tool that combines the meridian system (used in acupuncture) with psychological techniques – with no needles required! All that is involved is using the fingers to tap on points around the face and shoulders. Simple… but so powerful!

What Can You Expect from this Workshop?
We’ll cover basics of EFT tapping – what exactly it is, how it came to be, and what kinds of issues it can be used on (spoiler alert – almost anything!!!). You’ll also learn to do simple EFT techniques on yourself and get helpful tips for achieving more profound results. This is hands-on, so come prepared to get comfy with tapping!

About Andrea
It’s safe to say EFT tapping changed my life! I went from being afraid of leaving my house (yes, this is really true!) to nowadays spending months travelling solo… in addition to all the other amazing health improvements I’ve experienced since I started tapping. I have more confidence, more resilience, and overall more LOVE in my life than ever before. And I would love to share this awesome technique with everyone!!!
I started off my tapping experience several years ago, using books and videos, then worked with a coach regularly. I’ve taken Level 1 and 2 training through EFT Universe, and see private clients one-on-one. Most recently I’ve begun hosting tapping circles and workshops – a new favourite for me!


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