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Sound, Scent and Movement - A Journey through the Chakras

Join us for an exploration of the Chakras through the use of gentle movement Yoga, Sound Therapy and Essential oils!

We begin with a brief introduction to the chakras and the roles they play in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, followed by an opening meditation. 
You will then be guided by Gail through a sequence of gentle yoga poses to open the area of the body each chakra resides in, followed by a rest in shavasana pose and offered an essential oil to help open the chakras further while immersed in sound from gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls and more to further deepen your experience and release.

About sound

Sound is a key to unlocking the doors of our inner perception, bringing us deep within and exploring our inner worlds. For each chakra we will be using different instruments and sounds that produce frequencies to entice the chakra to activate and open. This can promote healing and release on an emotional as well as physical level. As the chakra is opened, it will begin to release and will seek balance and harmony with your energy system. 

About essential oils and chakras

The use of essential oils to produce a response in the chakras is based on the subtle vibrations the oils give off when used in the body, it changes our energetic vibration and certain oils will affect a particular chakra. The oil will stimulate the chakra and promote optimal vibration through the release of emotional/energetic attachments.

About Yoga and chakras

The inclusion of breath and intention with specific Yoga poses(Asanas) and sequence of movement for each Chakra is a powerful way to connect with ourselves. This combination brings us to a relaxed and internally aware state of consciousness where we can clearly connect with our chakras. 

March 2
7pm - 9pm


$40 +HST

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