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Advance Your Teaching with Julie Sceeny

About Julie Sceeny
Julie Sceeny is a Yoga and Pilates Intsructor and yoga teacher trainer. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and in the last 5 years along with her teaching she has been running teacher training courses. With 3 per year in Koh Samui Thailand and multiple Vinyasa and Yoga Trapeze teacher training course she has in excess of 20 trainings under her belt. Julie’s passion is anatomy and understanding the correct alignment of postures for your body type and structure.

Teachers and would be teachers workshop - Sunday 6th May 9am – 12:00 – 12:30 - 3.30pm.

This workshop is designed for teachers and for those that may be considering taking a teacher training course. The workshop is split into 3 parts

Part 1 – Verbal Cuing
This workshop is aimed at teachers to help you improve your classes by simply changing your dialogue. The workshop has 4 elements.
1. Good verbal cuing, how to choose the best words to use and the overuse non- action words which make for ineffective teaching.
2. How your verbal cuing affects students postures.
Understanding the alignment of a posture and how to cue it effectively so that everyone is in a safe position. One cue does not work for all bodies.
3. Understanding tone and the power of your voice and how to use your voice properly in order to improve your classes.
4. How to save your voice as an instructor

Part 2 - Hands on Adjustments –
The Majority of students love being adjusted but understanding how to do this in a professional manner is key to the success of your classes.
1. How to adjust is a respectful and safe manner.
2. Knowing where and how to touch and what postures it’s appropriate.
3. Understanding your height and strength can affect adjustments.
We will finish this workshop with headstand how to teach it to first timers and how and why you should not use a wall.

Part 3 - Anatomy
1. Understanding students body postures and how it affects alignment in yoga poses.
2. Examining muscles and joint tightness and looking at how that affects postures
3. Anatomy of a yoga pose, what is meant to be happening, what are the right muscles to contract to protect a joint and get full benefit from a pose.
4. How can anatomy improve my teaching? Learn this and much more
5. Muscle contraction and what is the actual movement and contraction that should happen during a posture.
6. Why do students feel poses differently, ie some in their leg some in their shoulders etc and what does this mean.

Early Bird - $175.00 by April 28th
Regular - $225.00

Later Event: June 24
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