Our Classes

We offer a wide variety of Yoga classes at our studio, located right in the heart of Downtown Moncton. We aim to provide a yoga practice for everyone from beginners to experts and we're always adding something new. 

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Restorative Yin

A mat based stretch, great for athletes, beginners or just to wind down your day. These poses are generally held for several minutes to encourage passive stretching. Props are often used to help support the body.

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Yoga Nidra

The practice of yoga relaxation and meditation. It refers to the conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. It is among the deepest states of relaxation and a great practice for anyone needing to reconnect with themselves.

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A quicker style of yoga where we link our breath to movement to warm up the body in order to prepare for deeper stretches at the end of class. Still beginner friendly!

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A high energy mixture of aerobics to get the heart rate up as well as yoga and pilates to help strengthen and tone the body. Modifications of high or low impact exercises  are demonstrated for the class to choose their own level. Sneakers are recommended but not necessary.

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Power Yoga

A more intense version of your typical flow class.  Frequently given the option to explore more challenging postures to advance your practice.